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Using DIBS to claim Volunteer Hours


IMPORTANT - For correct Dibs reporting, you must edit the players and family profiles. Please only use first and last name. See directions below.

We utilize the DIBS system to help manage our volunteer hours. All volunteer opportunities will be available through the DIBS menu. If you don't see any available volunteer hours, then they have been claimed.  Hours will be added as they become available. 

To begin viewing and claiming the available volunteer opportunities, go to the "DIBS" tab at the top of the page.  Only members registered for the current season will have access to this season's Dib session.

How to "claim" an item?

  • LOGIN with your user name and password (located in the upper left hand corner of the screen)
  • Click on the DIBS tab
  • Under Available Sessions, click on current year volunteers (ie:  2021-2022 Volunteers)
  • Select Claim this Dib item for the session you wish to claim
  • Once you select the Dib item, enter the volunteer information Claim Dib item on behalf, then select the profile name of only one child per family in the HHA
  • Enter the name of the person completing volunteer hours in the  Person fulfilling Dib item including contact phone number for cancellation/changes that may occur
  • Select "Claim Dib item" to complete your session

If you decide while you are in the session that you don't want a Dib item, click Cancel before you complete the last step.

How to view "claimed" DIB items? If you sign up for an opportunity online and can't remember the information, simply log on with your username and password and click on Dib menu and then My Dibs: View all my currently claimed DIB items.

What to do if you are unable to work a selected Dib item?  Find a replacement to work the selected Dib item on your behalf.  Contact the volunteer coordinator with replacement volunteer information so correct Dib hours can be given to the volunteer who worked the session.

QUESTIONS? Contact Sam Elbert.