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HHA Player Development

Mite Player Development

Check out this link for information relating to mite hockey player development and the benefits of using cross ice versus full ice!

HHA Off Season Player Development Guide

Hard work and repetition make stronger athletes.  This page contains off season development ideas from the HHA Player Development Committee.  These are simple drills you as a player can spend time on each day during the off season.   Have fun and work hard!


The PDC recommends a minimum of 15 minutes a day during the off season to work on fundamental stickhandling skills.

The USA National Team Development Program from USA Hockey recommends 20 stickhandling drills that can help individual hockey players improve their stickhandling in the off season.  Follow this link to access web based videos of each of the drills which are intended to be done progressively.

Stickhandling Drills

To learn more about why stickhandling practice is so important, see the following article The Numbers Game written by Harry Thomson.


For tips on Skating technique and improving quickness check out the following tips from Jack Blatherwick, a columnist for Let's Play Hockey.  Visit Let's Play Hockey.

For additional information on Transitional Speed Skating see the following Link:


Improving your shooting will improve your scoring!
Summer Challenge
I have had a lot of kids ask this season, how do I get a better shot? The one way to improve your game over the summer is, work on your shot. During the season, not a lot of time is set aside to work on “finishing”. The shot is the end of the play, the final result, and the fruits of the labor. Imagine flying down the ice in the perfect system, decking opponents, spinning at the top of the circle, seeing an opening, and not being able to put the biscuit away.
Land of 10,000 Shots” is a challenge.  We are challenging you to put in that “finishing” work over the summer.  We would like you to shoot 10,000 pucks this summer. From May to September challenge yourself to improve your shot for the upcoming season. Take a few minutes each day and shoot some pucks. Time spent working on your shot will make you a better player. 2000 pucks a month, 100 pucks 5 days a week and you will reach the goal of 10,000 pucks.
Goalie Skill Training
Check out the Goalie Skills Challenges at USA  See the following link for Goalie specific drills and off season training.