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Coaching Requirements

Applies to all travel team coaches and rostered Mite coaches.  For non-rostered Mite coaches, please attend the Mite Coaches meeting for your information.

Need to complete before you step on ice:

  1. Register with USA Hockey.  HHA will do this for you at the Mandatory Coaches Meeting.  Contact Jill with questions.
  2. Complete the pre-season requirements.  These must be done before you can get on the ice for the first practice of the season: 
    (a) update your SafeSport certification if necessary;
    (b) update your background check (if necessary); Screening
    (c) complete the age-group-specific modules for EACH level of team you’ll be looking to coach.  If you’re coaching Mites and Peewees, you need to do the age-specific modules for both levels.
  3. Sign Coaching Ethics form.  This will be done at the Mandatory Coaches Meeting.  Contact Jill with questions.
  4. If you have not already completed the CDC Concussion Online course, do this Every Year!: CDC Concussion Training
  5. Print and keep with you the Concussion Guidelines: Concussion Protocol  Also, please watch the Hutchinson Health Concussion Video. 
  6. Read our concussion page information and print and keep with you a couple copies of the concussion release form: HHA Concussion Page
  7. Read and understand the Locker Room Policy

To Do Before Dec 31st

  1. Check if your certification expires this year, and if you have the correct module for your level.  (note, you need to enter your name as it was registered last. i.e. if you do not see yourself, try your full name, or nickname or just last name) Certification List
  2. If you need to sign up for a clinic, do it sooner than later!  If you do not have it complete and on the list by Dec 31st, you will be removed from the roster - no exceptions.  Clinics List


Until you have a manager coordinating a Locker Room Monitor, the coach or tryout coaches are the Locker Room Monitors!!! You can NOT ask a parent who has not completed the online background screening to do this. Here is the link for non-coaches to complete the background screening:

CEP Level Certification

Description of Level 1, 2, 3 4 Track and how long each lasts. Click the "Requirements" tab!

USA Hockey Coaching Clinics

To sign up for a clinic, you need to login using your profile:

Coaching Login

If you do not have a profile, you can great one by clicking the link under the login boxes labeled "Need to Create a Login Profile".

Remember: Whatever email you use for your login is the same one you need to use when you Register for USA Hockey, and also when you sign in to complete online certification courses or Modules.

After you log in, you may view the current clinics that are available.  



If you have any questions regarding coaching,

please contact HHA's Coach-in-chief, Eric Westlund or Chad Koenen

Eric Westlund

Co Coach-in-Chief

Phone: (320) 583-0760

Chad Koenen

Co Coach-in-Chief

Phone: (320) 805-0814

Screening and Background Check

Screening and Background Check Link

CDC Concussion Training

Required for All Coaches