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Welcome to the Hutchinson Hockey Association

The Hutchinson Hockey Association strives to create an environment of participation, which encourages creativity, discipline, leadership, sportsmanship and competition, thus building character in all youth who choose to participate.  Our youth are our greatest asset.

Athlete Training Program Survey

Hutchinson Hockey Association is collaborating with outside third party organization to look at the feasibility of having an Athlete Training program located in Hutchinson year-round.  I know many HHA families today travel outside of Hutchinson for additional training.  The training program would be a broad based focusing on speed, power, agility, strength, hockey skills and much more. The information provided in the survey will help to gauge the interest of HHA to help move this process along to see if Hutchinson would be a good fit for an athlete training program.  Please take time to fill out and provide your feedback.  The more information we can provide the better opportunity we have to make this a reality.


Dear Hutchinson Youth Hockey players and Parents

We have been living through some difficult times as of late and hopefully times will be better as we move forward.  The decision to not put the ice in Burich Arena was made after we determined the amount of money required to support the ice would not justify the risks related to rules put in place regarding the facility based on the COVID-19 situation.

We will be running a dryland camp for three weeks starting Monday July 6th.  The camp will run Monday through Thursday at Burich arena.  Athletes will be assigned  a group.  Each group can only consist of 9 athletes at a maximum.  The groups will run through three twenty minute stations.  The number of groups is yet to be determined based on registration but we will start the camp at 8:00 am.

We need to understand we are very fortunate to be able to have the camp and will need to follow some very specific rules.

Athletes can be dropped off 5 minutes prior to their start time at the East doors of the East rink.

Athletes will need to be picked up no less than 5 minutes after their 3rd session is over at the North garage door of the East rink.

Athletes should wear workout clothes and proper footwear.

Athletes should bring hockey gloves, a stick, and a water bottle.  Equipment and water bottles can not be shared under any circumstances.

Only Athletes and coaches will be allowed in the rink to meet criteria for being able to use the facility.

No bathrooms or water fountains will be available during the camp.

Please discuss with your athletes the importance of staying with their group.

Honesty will be very important if your son or daughter is feeling ill or has a fever please keep them home that day.

 Because we need to formulate groups all registrations need to be received by Wednesday July 1st. No more registrations will be accepted after that date so please plan ahead.

Groups will be emailed to you on Friday July 3rd.

The cost of the camp is $65.00 

Registration will consist of 3 things Player information form, Waiver, and payment.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  My email address is or my cell phone number is (320) 224-3797

Thank you for cooperation

Stay safe 
Matt Telecky


2019-2020 TEAMS

2019-2020 MITES

Electronic Background Screening

The document below describes the steps that must be taken to register electronically the background screening required by the association for its volunteers (excludes minor officials).  This is the preferred method for doing this.  Both parents will need their own NGIN account to each register electronically.

Because NGIN will only allow an email account to be used one time in its system, if you are set up as a secondary email, you will have to remove that secondary email from the account, register yourself with that email, and then link the accounts under the profiles to receive all the necessary emails for your players.

Screening and Background Check

Screening and Background Check Link

Hutchinson Health Video On Concussions

Please watch the video on concussions produced by Hutchinson Health.  This video is especially good for the athletes themselves to watch.  

Hutchinson Health Concussion Video